Why remote work may be here to stay

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The year is 2021 and while a number of vaccines have been developed and currently being administered in most parts of the world, things are yet to return to normal. The number of deaths due to COVID-19 is still staggering (and painful to watch) and may be so (as projected by medical experts) for months to come.

Countries the world over are still requesting for the same safety precautions such as restricting the number of people in a gathering, wearing face masks, keeping the required physical distance etc. which were adopted in 2020 to remain in force.

For the vaccines…

Online scammers are getting more convincing than ever. Find out how to spot one from afar

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In most parts of the world, online scammers continue to find newer and more convincing ways to pick their next victim. Since most companies now leverage technology to provide self-service options for their customers, a lot of requests/call to action are now sent via e-mail. Online fraudsters study these patterns in detail and come up with specially curated write-ups that look like the real deal.

The image below was taken from an e-mail sent to my mail box as an obvious attempt to get at my personal information. …

It is time for Facebook to consider a paid option for WhatsApp

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We were greeted this week with the latest update from WhatsApp — a “slight change” to their terms and conditions, which many people have interpreted to mean that they no longer have control over their personal data on the platform. While the option for users to opt out of sharing their data with Facebook has been removed, in truth, Facebook has been accessing data from WhatsApp to make it possible to use the platform and integrate it with their family of apps since 2016. …

A handful of companies currently hold the keys to our digital lives

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On Monday, January 4, 2020 just as a number of companies were resuming from the holidays, we were all greeted with an outage on Slack. It started at first with delays in delivering messages which naturally, one assumed to be a problem with their ISP — leading to several internet modem reboots world wide (at least probably), as people continued to work from home.

A lot of the big tech companies are so good at what they do that most people will believe something else is wrong, other…

The sure guide to getting rid of your PC…mostly

In the first part of this series, I shared a number of hacks to quickly get your iPad up and running with a lot of the enterprise apps you would normally use on a PC (mostly for work). You can read all about it here.

In this part I will share how I was able to use my iPad productively as my daily driver for the following categories; collaboration/communication, file storage, OS responsiveness.

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In this day and age, it is easy to overlook how much we now depend on technology to…

The sure guide to getting rid of your PC…mostly

If you are like me, an avid user of the Microsoft Windows operating system then chances are you own a PC with a not so great battery life. This means you will need to be plugged in most of the time (more like chained to one spot) to get work done. In today’s world however, mobility is key and the flexibility of having a device that you can whip out and instantly become productive in a matter of minutes becomes the difference between getting stuff done or getting nothing done at all. So I started courting the idea of replacing…

Correcting a common misconception about health insurance and when to buy one

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A friend recently asked me why I write about “all this health insurance stuff”, with the notion that perhaps I get paid to do so or that I am an insurance salesperson with an angle 😊. I explained that my passion simply lies in helping people understand more about how health insurance works and yes, facilitating access to purchase health insurance from our partners (upon request).

HMO stands for health maintenance organization, a type of managed care health insurance. As the name implies, one of an HMO’s primary goals is to keep its members healthy

A knowledge gap that needs to be filled

There is such a huge…

A tale of how Mr. JB was thoroughly schooled in the not-so-structured Nigerian Health Insurance Scene

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“What do you mean I am not covered? Mr. JB retorted angrily. I have been paying for health insurance (through salary deductions) for the past 10 years and I have never visited the hospital. This is my first time here and you’re telling me I’m not covered for the service? I will sue you!”

In Nigeria, we tend to add a bit of flavor to our dealings, often turning on its head, concepts that have pretty much worked seamlessly the world over. I have decided to use Mr. …

A personal story of how purchasing health insurance with maternity benefits saved me from going broke

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The date was February 28, 2018 and it had been barely two months since I got married (the second wedding ceremony in two months) and it is safe to say that my bank account was in the red. I had decided to leave paid employment full time to pursue my dreams 😊 and one of the key benefits you lose with this decision is the health benefits provided by your employer. …

Examining the journey so far in Africa and the challenges of achieving universal health coverage in Nigeria

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Governments around the world list universal healthcare as one of their key deliverables to their people. In climes where the system “just works”, universal health cover is near 100%. This is achieved through efficient taxation systems and the willpower to overcome the challenges prevalent in healthcare systems.

Universal Health Care (UHC) commits to providing your healthcare needs and that of your dependants as well at little or no cost to you

What is Universal Health Care (UHC)

In simple terms, Universal Health Care (UHC) refers to the provision of quality healthcare to people who need it at little or no cost to them. …

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